Being SEALFIT is more than just a sculpted physique; it is a way of life, state of mind and a way of orienting oneself in the world. To be SEALFIT is to embody the character traits of discipline, drive, determination, service, self mastery, honor, integrity, courage and authentic leadership.

SEALFIT was developed by retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine for the unique and specialized needs of  professionals seeking to reach their fullest potential, for first responders, industrial athletes and militaryforces and life-long warrior-athletes to perform their jobs and come home safely.  We all share a need for our minds and bodies to work at peak performance over long periods of time, while maintaining an unconquerable spirit and unwavering mental toughness. At SEALFIT we share this passion and aspire to train you if you seek this way of life.

The SEALFIT athlete demonstrates the following traits, distinct from the sport athlete:

  1. Must work at near peak output for very long periods of time, with unknown periods of rest.
  2. Must be prepared for the known AND equally prepared for the unknown.
  3. Does not always have access to a gym and the “proper” training tools
  4. Is not competing to win, but to survive and accomplish a mission that can have life, death or strategic   consequences well beyond their own pay-grade.
  5. Must be strong, but not so concerned with maximal strength. Needs Strength Stamina to move heavy stuff far and long.
  6. Must have exceptional endurance and be able to go long, under load
  7. Must have an intense capacity for work in short, medium and long time domains
  8. Must be durable, have powerful core strength, not be prone to injury, and knowledgeable about how to sustain the body at a high level of readiness over the long haul.
  9. Must be mentally tough and trains to be so
  10. Usually works as part of a unit or team, and works out with that team                         



“Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we will pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty.” – President John F. Kennedy takes tremendous pride in our veterans and active service men and women. We honor and thank them for their service to our great nation. At we carry a large selection of military and veteran products they can be proud and honored to own. offers items from every branch of the Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Special Forces. We also carry a large selection of patriotic merchandise for every proud American young or old.


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  • It’s made from thick, durable 600D Polyester – This stuff is as tough as it gets!
  • Heavy duty clips and zippers. – This was an important feature for us. We wanted only the toughest clips and zippers.
  • Padded shoulder straps and back panel for maximum comfort. A comfortable bag is important especially if used while hiking.
  • Chest strap to secure the bag making it easier to run or hike.
  • Water proofed compartments. – A great feature that all high quality tactical bags should have!
  • A total of 10 Separate carry compartments including a padded laptop section!                 



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