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 Emergency Survival Blankets help retain 90% of body heat and are great for go-bags, in your car, or any type of outdoor activity.

Product Details…

  1. WHEN CLOSED: blanket measures
    3.5 x 4.5 inches (fits in palm of hand)
  2. WHEN OPENED: blanket measures
    7 x 4.3 feet (covers you from head to toe)
  3. Made from durable Mylar
  4. Compact and lightweight
    (just a few ounces)                                                                                                                http://hsbdan.srvvlfrog.hop.clickbank.net/?p=esb&tid= 


That’s the million dollar question in Joe’s hometown. He is like the cool uncle to every child in town. Joe teaches Karate and other martial arts at the YMCA down on Main Street which is the only time that you won’t find Joe in his military boots. With a personal background that remains largely a mystery, Joe’s off-color words of wisdom have both comical absurdity and unparalleled intellectual value. Around town, they’ve come to be known simply as Joe-isms.

Karate Joe is a man of simple needs and fine tastes. His love and respect for all classical things stems from his love for the martial arts. While Karate Joe practices many martial arts, he seems to show no favoritism to any of them. His respect for each martial art is something that he has passed down to his students. He respects his fellow man the same way which is why he decided to launch a simple, no frills, online martial arts shopping site. Joe’s not too web savvy, but he still managed to launch an online store with great values and Free Shipping. It has been said that Karate Joe can defeat an army of ninjas while holding his cup of tea without spilling a drop. There are many rumors like that about Karate Joe. While they’re mostly word-of-mouth, they’re also widely accepted as fact.If you ever see Joe, you’ll probably also see his trusted mutt, Dojoe. It’s said that the only one who knows everything about Karate Joe is Dojoe. If you’d like to connect with and learn more about Karate Joe, be sure to Like his Facebook Page and Follow him on Twitter. http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?u=1134683&b=298193&m=32180&afftrack=&urllink=www%2Ekaratejoes%2Ecom


My name is Sheryll Raz Gold. I am the owner and head designer of Blush Fashion. I am also a wife to Gidi Raz and a mother to Pele, Nina, Lihu, and Tommy. And I Iove what I do. Blush was founded in 2004 in a small studio in Tel Aviv with a real passion and desire to design stunningly timeless gowns that will simply make women happy.

At Blush, my team and I create glamorous, comfortable, and trendy evening wear – perfect for events and occasions like weddings, engagements parties, as well as for bridesmaids and formal dinners or cocktail parties. All of our designs are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail and quality while using only high-tech fabrics with elastic fibers. We are dedicated to preserving the tradition of handmade production, while providing an eco-friendly alternative to otherwise environmentally harmful processes.

The team & our mission
We are a small team of talented women, all of whom are committed to their work. We aim to provide the perfect service to our customers, find a solution to every problem, and make dreams become realities. Our mission is to make sure women of all shapes and sizes can wear designs by Blush and look and feel fabulous while doing so.

The diverse influences for my designs derive from personal stories, various epochs in design history like vintage, antique, and art deco, from the dance world and from fairy tales. Using all of these inspirations, I try to bring the Haute Couture world closer to the real one and create simple yet perfect gowns which are fit, fashionable, as well as affordable.

Custom-made gowns
Creating custom-made gowns is a beautiful and exciting process for both me and the woman I’m designing the gown for. Working with my customers inspires me as I try to get as close as possible to the image they have in their head, so that we can design their dream gown together as one unit.

Wedding gowns
Blush’s wedding gowns are designed for the modern bride who wants to feel like a comfortable Queen on her big day. Our wedding gowns are especially suited for City Hall weddings, weddings taking place on the beach, in the woods, or any other whimsical place.At Blush, we are committed to the values of Fair Trade initiatives worldwide.By emphasizing interpersonal relations, justice, and sustainability, Fair Trade helps decrease the exploitation and marginalization of labor in the global economy and more specifically the developing world. By engaging in Fair Trade, consumers are contributing to the economic empowerment of small scale producers, investing in developing communities and environmental sustainability, and supporting fair prices for products, direct trade supply chains, and fair labor conditions.               http://shrsl.com/wkhn

National Gun Owners Association & Buyers Club

Hey Gun Enthusiest,

I see part of my “job” as sharing cool new treasures I stumble upon and I think you’ll like this new site that’s getting a lot of buzz…

Usually, when I need ammo, I go to the local sporting goods store.

And if I want to buy a gun, I typically go to a local gun show or online at one of the “broker” sites.

Actually I don’t think I’ve ever bought a weapon from a “gun store”. Not that they don’t have their purpose.

Frankly, I never understood my wife’s obsession with shoe shopping until I went to a gun store. I “get it” now. haha

I’ve saved a bunch of money with this “system”… but I’m really digging this new “gun-buyer’s member club” where I can shop and save at the same time.

When I went in to compare some of my recent purchases, I would have saved about $123 if I’d bought as a “member” instead of buying from my other sources.

Maybe that’s not a lot of money to others, but to me, that’s moolah I can put toward my next purchase (or ammo for my current one).

Oh… and they even pay $25 towards transfer fees to get your firearm to you, so that’s like an “instant savings” that adds up.

Plus, they sell ammo at “cost” (in fact, I discovered that if you call them to order, you can often even get the ammo forless than what’s listed because the manufacturers don’t allow them to list prices below a certain amount).

Now I’ll tell you – since it’s a “buyer’s club”, it’s definitely not for everyone…

Some guns I found were close to retail price.

But for others – especially if it’s a more “expensive” find or something you thought was out of your price range – there could be a huge savings waiting for you.

I’d say that if you buy 3 or more guns a year or are looking for a good deal on some unique finds (or want to get ammo “at cost”), you could have as much fun in here as I am.

Anyway, check it out and see what you think…http://hsbdan.ngoamember.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=hsbdan



Do you have any idea how much money you spend on something as simple as batteries, every year? If you stop to add it all up, you’ll be shocked. It’s more than you think, and even worse, you don’t have to! That’s just one more lie that the corporate Fat Cats have been telling you your whole life.


These days, Big Biz isn’t about making things of value, it’s about slick marketing campaigns and empty promises. Haven’t you had enough of those? If the thought of being swindled each and every month pisses you off, then it’s time to fight back!

Don’t let them get away with it for even one more day. Keep your money and put it to work for you. Their biggest fear is that you’ll discover you no longer need them. Well guess what? You don’t! Click here now to start fighting back       http://americanenergyboard.com/go.php?offer=hsbdan&pid=1

Renegade Gear Solar Powered Battery

Works for ANY PHONE – iPhone, Android, Windows, etc – simply use your current charging cable
Also has a built in LED flashlight – Light the way wherever you go!
Waterproof, Dust proof, Impact proof – This baby is built for the rugged outdoors and is super reliable in a crisis!
Super lightweight – clip to your backpack with the INCLUDED spring hook and forget about it!
Charge TWO Devices at Once – Charge both your cellphone + another device, like a Bluetooth stereo speaker, GPS, or any small device!
It is NOT a case – rather, is is an external battery – so no need to change your current cellphone case.http://hsbdan.naturalsf.hop.clickbank.net/?r=solarbattery&tid=

FlashLight Baton

The Renegade Gear Tactical Flashlight Baton  Is Essential For Every Vehicle. This Ultra Powerful Flashlight Can Do All This:
  • This aircraft-aluminum flashlight is indestructible so it will last forever
  •  The bright LED bulb is good for 100,000 hours of use so this can be the last flashlight you ever buy
  •  Lightweight but powerful to ward off attackers quickly
  •  Expands from 13.5-inches to 17.5-inches in 0.5 seconds for instant self-defense
  •  Fend off road-ragers, car-jackers, or vandals without a concealed carry permit, background checks or ammunition
  •  Use the flashing setting during a breakdown on the side of the road to protect yourself and your vehicle
  •  Knobbed baton is intimidating and can draw blood to stop an attack instantly




Never worry about remembering to pack a lighter or matches again with the amazing Fire Laces on your feet. These one-of-a-kind shoelaces are very stealthy and include everything you need to start a fire! The Fire Laces are ideal for hiking, camping, survival, emergency situations and more.

Starting a Fire With The Laces

Be sitting by a warm and toasty fire in no time by using your Fire Laces. Even if you’re stranded outdoors, the tools to make a fire are always with you with the Fire Laces! Start a fire in 3 simple steps…             http://hsbdan.srvvlfrog.hop.clickbank.net/?p=fl&tid=     



Have a bottle with confidence
Co-owner Holly first met her husband- and co-owner-to-be, Mark, in his Washington brick-and-mortar wine shop. Their mutual love of wine, her business savvy, and his entrepreneurial spirit meant the two forward-thinkers were unafraid of new ideas. So when the online retail industry began to emerge, they were ready to pioneer the digital landscape, offering a service and products that maintain the heart and soul of small business from an electronic storefront.
Just outside of Seattle in Washington’s Woodinville wine country, we have forged partnerships since 1999 with world-class winemakers and distributors from our own backyard and abroad. We believe wine brings people together, which is why it’s important to us to foster long-term relationships with producers and wine lovers alike.Working with our in-house team of tasters, the bounty of wineries in our area, and our partners throughout the world, we’ve become acclaimed for our ”no bad bottle” guarantee and our commitment to outstanding customer service.
We are all wine lovers first and foremost. We delight in helping customers discover new and upcoming stars as well as venerable winemakers. This is part of the reason so many people remain members of our wine clubs year after year, enjoying our new discoveries with confidence. We reward customers with exceptional experiences and extraordinary flavors.
Ready to start exploring? Find your perfect wine club match today!     http://shrsl.com/w2dh


DiamondWave is more than just your typical jewelry site; we were founded in 2008; we are a family owned and operated business. Our mission is to provide a great product with the best value and quality diamonds available for a low price. DiamondWave hand picks every mounting to ensure exceptional quality and craftsmanship. We also offer Gemstones. Our focus is on quality, fair pricing and outstanding customer service. We offer beautiful well-made high quality engagement rings, wedding rings, fashion earrings and fashion jewelry with the highest quality diamonds. We believe ethics and integrity will take you far in life. To fulfill our mission we have teamed up with top quality manufacturing facilities that have been doing business for over 70 years and have the same integrity and ethics that we do. We bring these great traits to DiamondWave and ultimately to you, our customers.Our customer service team is qualified and knowledgeable. Pamela and her sister Joanne, do most of the special requests from clients; Pam has had over twenty years of experience and finds her passion in making dreams come true. If you don’t see the style you are looking for, special requests and searching for the perfect stone is her forte. ”We pride ourselves on knowing that we hand pick every stone to ensure they are matching and the quality is exceptional. It might take us a few more days to deliver the product, but we know once you receive it you will be happy we took the extra steps to provide a jewelry item that you will cherish forever http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?u=1134683&b=441304&m=44980&afftrack=&urllink=www%2Ediamondwave%2Ecom