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Have a bottle with confidence
Co-owner Holly first met her husband- and co-owner-to-be, Mark, in his Washington brick-and-mortar wine shop. Their mutual love of wine, her business savvy, and his entrepreneurial spirit meant the two forward-thinkers were unafraid of new ideas. So when the online retail industry began to emerge, they were ready to pioneer the digital landscape, offering a service and products that maintain the heart and soul of small business from an electronic storefront.
Just outside of Seattle in Washington’s Woodinville wine country, we have forged partnerships since 1999 with world-class winemakers and distributors from our own backyard and abroad. We believe wine brings people together, which is why it’s important to us to foster long-term relationships with producers and wine lovers alike.Working with our in-house team of tasters, the bounty of wineries in our area, and our partners throughout the world, we’ve become acclaimed for our “no bad bottle” guarantee and our commitment to outstanding customer service.
We are all wine lovers first and foremost. We delight in helping customers discover new and upcoming stars as well as venerable winemakers. This is part of the reason so many people remain members of our wine clubs year after year, enjoying our new discoveries with confidence. We reward customers with exceptional experiences and extraordinary flavors.
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DiamondWave is more than just your typical jewelry site; we were founded in 2008; we are a family owned and operated business. Our mission is to provide a great product with the best value and quality diamonds available for a low price. DiamondWave hand picks every mounting to ensure exceptional quality and craftsmanship. We also offer Gemstones. Our focus is on quality, fair pricing and outstanding customer service. We offer beautiful well-made high quality engagement rings, wedding rings, fashion earrings and fashion jewelry with the highest quality diamonds. We believe ethics and integrity will take you far in life. To fulfill our mission we have teamed up with top quality manufacturing facilities that have been doing business for over 70 years and have the same integrity and ethics that we do. We bring these great traits to DiamondWave and ultimately to you, our customers.Our customer service team is qualified and knowledgeable. Pamela and her sister Joanne, do most of the special requests from clients; Pam has had over twenty years of experience and finds her passion in making dreams come true. If you don’t see the style you are looking for, special requests and searching for the perfect stone is her forte. ”We pride ourselves on knowing that we hand pick every stone to ensure they are matching and the quality is exceptional. It might take us a few more days to deliver the product, but we know once you receive it you will be happy we took the extra steps to provide a jewelry item that you will cherish forever http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?u=1134683&b=441304&m=44980&afftrack=&urllink=www%2Ediamondwave%2Ecom



Fossil Farms specializes in providing the highest quality farm-raised game and all-natural meats in the country. We take great pride in this craft and work hard every day with the single focus to be the best at what we do.

When we first started our family-owned and operated business in 1997, we introduced chefs to farm-raised Ostrich and Bison, which were considered ‘exotic meats’ at the time. Our goal was to educate chefs and consumers about the health benefits of sustainably raised meats free of hormones and antibiotics, and to promote a variety of other red meats.

Stewardship, environment, and responsibility are words we use to define why we are so committed to working exclusively with sustainable farms. Sustainable farming is the simple act of humanely raising our animals in their natural environment, giving them free access to pure water, open pastures, wholesome grass and vegetarian grains, which makes for a healthier and tender product.

We carefully select the farms and ranches we partner with based on their animal and husbandry practices. We feel this is the most important step in producing quality and integral products. This is why 100% of our animals are source verified from the farm of origin. Maintaining our relationships with these family farms ensures quality and consistency, from farm to fork, snout to tail.

Over the years, we have expanded our product line to offer a wide variety of farm-raised game and all-natural meats to restaurants, food service distributors and home cooks. Our unmatched ability to source and distribute our products nationwide has made us a leader in the field. When you experience a Fossil Farms product, you are ensured that every effort taken to guarantee the health and welfare of the animal has been maximized by being raised in a natural environment. Our ethically responsible approach is the difference you can taste and see and the quality you have come to expect. The reality is, if you start with a really high quality product, you don’t need to do much to make it taste good.

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