For many, Michelangelo’s statue of David represents the ideal man; strong, confident, purposeful and just. But what many don’t know is that the original statue included a very differernt kind of sling–the manbag kind! The original statue sported a satchel David used to carry the famous sling that slew Goliath.  And why not? You go to a rock fight, you better bring extra rocks. And what better way than a stylish Italian man bag–practical, trendy, manly. But alas David’s satchel was too fashion-forward for the times and big D’s manbag was chizeled off and lost to the Ages forever.

But the manbag lives on!

The Need

Face it. Gone are the days where everything you needed to survive a day in this modern fast-paced world can fit in your pocket. It’s just not doable any more. If you’re roaming around the streets with just your wallet in your pocket, you’re either alarmingly under-equipped for life, or you’re cheating and getting your other half to cart around your stuff. And that’s not cool.