Ex-CIA agent takes you through all of his training in the CIA academy. From escaping duct tape to losing a tale. These invaluable skills should be known by anyone and everyone concerned about their personal safety.

 Tactical Folding Knife Plus FPA*: (Monthly subscription Commission on first month only)

A member’s report that gets sent to your doorstep each and every month. It includes the latest information on survival strategies, entertaining articles, “how-to” articles, and is basically a magazine/report on interesting things going on in the survival world over the past 30 days. As well as online archive and resource base.

30 Day Sharpshooter:

Ex-CIA agent takes you through the intensive sharp shooter training he learned in the CIA academy. In just 30 days learn to be a sharp shooter like every agent leaving the Academy.                                              http://hsbdan.survivese.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=ABC