Where we begin: In the spring of 2016, Darren — the founder of Origin Ties, decided to quit his job as an IT engineer to start his own business. He never thought he would work in fashion someday, but a passion for making everyone could have luxury quality ties at a friendly price. After a deep consideration, he and his friends decided to begin with ties.Our attitude: Simple but quality-focused.
When asked why choose luxury brands? Most of customers said they like the great design and the good quality. We believe most of you would rather pay for the high quality than pay for the label.
We try to find out the originate of luxury brands by searching for their manufacturers all around the world. At the very beginning, we visit top brands’ manufacturers and ask them to be our supplier to ensure our products have the same quality with those named brands. All we care about is quality.Our team is diversified which consists of IT engineer, luxury brand manager, fashion designer, advertising visual designer. We hold together by a shared enthusiasm for bringing luxury-quality and wallet-friendly products to every customer.