National Gun Owners Association & Buyers Club

Hey Gun Enthusiest,

I see part of my “job” as sharing cool new treasures I stumble upon and I think you’ll like this new site that’s getting a lot of buzz…

Usually, when I need ammo, I go to the local sporting goods store.

And if I want to buy a gun, I typically go to a local gun show or online at one of the “broker” sites.

Actually I don’t think I’ve ever bought a weapon from a “gun store”. Not that they don’t have their purpose.

Frankly, I never understood my wife’s obsession with shoe shopping until I went to a gun store. I “get it” now. haha

I’ve saved a bunch of money with this “system”… but I’m really digging this new “gun-buyer’s member club” where I can shop and save at the same time.

When I went in to compare some of my recent purchases, I would have saved about $123 if I’d bought as a “member” instead of buying from my other sources.

Maybe that’s not a lot of money to others, but to me, that’s moolah I can put toward my next purchase (or ammo for my current one).

Oh… and they even pay $25 towards transfer fees to get your firearm to you, so that’s like an “instant savings” that adds up.

Plus, they sell ammo at “cost” (in fact, I discovered that if you call them to order, you can often even get the ammo forless than what’s listed because the manufacturers don’t allow them to list prices below a certain amount).

Now I’ll tell you – since it’s a “buyer’s club”, it’s definitely not for everyone…

Some guns I found were close to retail price.

But for others – especially if it’s a more “expensive” find or something you thought was out of your price range – there could be a huge savings waiting for you.

I’d say that if you buy 3 or more guns a year or are looking for a good deal on some unique finds (or want to get ammo “at cost”), you could have as much fun in here as I am.

Anyway, check it out and see what you think…