6 in 1 Car Charger

The Easy Power 6-in-1 Emergency Car Tool & Charger is a revolutionary new gadget that can save your life in several ways. Not only can it charge your phone or USB powered electronic in your car, it also has a backup battery bank if you are ever separated from a power outlet. But that is not all! If you are ever trapped inside your car, you can use a blade on the side of the tool that can slice through your wedged seatbelt like butter, and then utilize the tip of the charger to shatter most auto glass in moments, enabling you an escape from your car in any dire situation. Not only that, once you have escaped you can even use the charger to signal for help. Right above the charging ports is a double duty 150 lumen flashlight/emergency signal light! This can be used to signal helicopters, or even to shine in the eyes of a would-be attacker. So, let’s get this straight, with the 6 in 1 tool you have: a car charger, battery bank, seatbelt cutter, regular flashlight, strobe light AND a glass breaker, all in one. Pair that 6 in 1 with a scream whistle and paracord survival grenade, and you have everything you need for a great emergency car kit that will save your life in more ways than one.              http://hsbdan.srvvlfrog.hop.clickbank.net/?p=socv2&tid=