What does that mean?

Any entries placed in your first purchase transaction will be refunded if your entry doesn’t have a winning match and you paid using a credit card. If you purchased those entries using a non-credit card method, we will double that money!

Let me just make this super clear – if you’re using a non-credit card method to make your purchase and you don’t have a winning match, we’ll give you 100% of the money you spent on those tickets PLUS an extra 100%, we’re actually paying you to take a shot on luck!

To qualify for this incredible welcome offer, you only have to purchase 3 or more entries on any of our exciting lotteries.

Remember: Using a credit card will give you 100% cashback, using a non-credit card method will give you 200% cashback, it’s that simple. You’ve got up to 10 chances of getting your losing entries refunded. What are you waiting for?


For example, if you buy 3 Mega Millions entries in your first purchase and win on 1 of them, we’ll give you cash back for the 2 that didn’t win OR if you used a non-credit card method, we will give you DOUBLE the cashback for those 2 entries.

Hurry! You only have 12 days from your registration date to take advantage of this offer. Don’t miss out!